What’s Holding Your Business Back?

Hi there, I’m Ercan. I’m a business mentor, consultant, and expert in strategic business development. But, more importantly, I’m 100% committed to helping entrepreneurs and companies the guidance they need to achieve new heights of success.

If you’ve been struggling to get to the “next level,” I can provide the insight and direction you need through strategic mentoring.

Call me what you will: trusted advisor, consultant, mentor.

What matters is that you get the guidance you need to achieve.

As leaders, so many of us think that we need to do it all. Somewhere along the way, we developed that “if you want something done right, you need to do it yourself” mentality. But the truth is that nobody can do it all (or know it all), and pretending you can is just a recipe for burnout.
And that’s where I come in.
My Name is Ercan (John), and I’m a professional business mentor.
Over the years, I’ve worked with solopreneurs, small business owners, and leaders from a wide range of industries, backgrounds, and situations.
Now I’m drawing on my years of experience as a small business advisor to support you on your journey toward renewed business growth.


I am your trusted advisor, consultant, and mentor.

My career is marked by achievements of all kinds. I’ve worked at companies in Denmark, Turkey, France, and beyond, operating inside various management roles and helping broker all manner of deals.
During my time, I earned numerous awards for my intrapreneurship, collaborated with b2b clients, and helped with new product development – all while growing my own knowledge and capabilities.
This wealth of experience is precisely what allows me to provide my clients with fresh new perspectives, customized strategies, and practical, success-oriented guidance that’s easy to implement.
I won’t bog you down with technical jargon and “marketing speak.” Instead, I lay out a direct roadmap from Point A to Point B, then walk you through how to get there. It’s a refreshing take on consulting, and it’s paid off for dozens of clients.

Why Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Use OZConsultingUS, Ercan:

Maximize profits

Reduce complexity & inefficiencies

Grow sales & revenue

Increase productivity

Advising Businesses From Every Angle

Success in business doesn’t come with a guarantee. With only 33% of US small businesses surviving after ten years, the statistics prove the harsh reality of running any form of business. I’ve found that the companies best set up for long term success are those that can leverage their resources, skills and value effectively. As a leading business consultant and advisor, I guide small businesses to identify and implement the most effective strategies for outperforming the competition and ultimately, making more money with growth.

The OZConsultingUS approach covers every angle. It is a holistic process for analysing business and uncovering the best strategies to build a successful company.

How It Works?

My goal is simple: exceed expectations by delivering the best possible results.


This is a 40-minute consultation designed to help me better understand your vision and challenges. It also helps determine if you and I are a good fit to work together.


This is where I determine your exact needs and business priorities. It allows me to begin outlining a path to getting your business where it wants to be!


With the full picture of your situation and goals, I can develop a detailed plan featuring specific strategies built around your business objectives.


Accountability is everything! Together, we’ll track the progress of the implemented changes so we can make adjustments if and when they are needed.

Ercan’s Advice Has Benefited


Startup businesses are most reactive to challenges as they arise due to the nature of still figuring things out. Working with a business consultant can help spot the potential problems before they arise. Strengthening the business financially and systematically.


Solo entrepreneurs are a new wave of fast-paced independent business models made possible with interconnected networks and mobile technologies. Working with a dedicated advisor mentor, solopreneurs can integrate the right systems, processes and support networks crucial for long term success.

Business Owners

From professional service-based businesses to product heavy brands, companies from every industry imaginable at some point face difficulties and inefficiencies. A business advisor can help undo the side effects of trying to maintain service during growth phases by analyzing and synthesizing the best options based on the true picture.


Success isn’t Discovered. It’s Built

Receiving mentorship from a qualified business advisor is one of the best investments you can make. Indeed, it’s nearly impossible to put a value on honest, experience-based insights that come from a knowledgeable third party.
In fact, in many cases, the RIO is often tenfold.
Those businesses that work with me tend to experience a range of positive results, including better processes, improved strategies, and more manageable systems.
If you’re ready to invest in your company’s future, schedule a strategy call today.

100% satisfaction


How often do you feel scared to take the next move because you either don’t know enough about where you’re going, or you’re worried about the unknown?

Especially when you have more on the line: You wish that you had a cheat-sheet that showed you everything you needed to do in the right order so you can NAIL every single decision you make.

You’re not alone: Most leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs need someone who they can cooperate with, share a vision with, and take insights from about where to go next. Especially when you have so much responsibility, you need to make sure you’re always moving in the right direction.

Why? Because no one is perfect, and if you’re stuck in that expectation, you’ll always aim for all or nothing. That’s why your business is stuck where it is right now, struggling to expand, and doing the same things hoping for bigger results.

What If You Could:

  • Turn risks into calculated moves by having an expert’s insight in every step you take.
  • Understand the challenges that come with moving forward, how to deal with the stress, and how to stay at your 100% all year round.
  • Never let fear stand between you and starting your business then scaling it beyond your own expectations.
  • Learn more about what’s coming your way, how you can prepare for the future, and how to see 10 moves ahead instead of focusing below your feet.
  • Know exactly which decisions to make so you do not spend all your time being confused and overwhelmed.
  • Grow your business and get real scalable marketing and sales results.

This is exactly the opportunity I’m offering you today: To have someone who has real hands-on experience in your field mentoring you to success!

I can help you save money, time and start your business with confidence! With my help, you’ll have a crystal clear roadmap to identify marketing strategies, how to implement them and how to optimize your budget!

Grow With Clarity & Confidence

Want to know more about my specific approach to success? Download my e-book, “The Ultimate Guide To Business Growth - 5 Winning Strategies To Make Your Business More Effective,” today.
This is your first step in learning how to ignite your business growth with tried and tested strategies.

Uncover how to ignite your business growth with tried and tested winning strategies.

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