What Is USP? 5 Basic Aspects Explained!

Who does not want an identity_ a selling proposition for their brand that helps them stand out from their competitors and to highlight what their services stand for?

For this purpose, you will need a business statement_a formula known as USP (defined as Unique Sales Point or Unique Sales Proposition). It reveals the core essence of your product and provides a soulful meaning to what your customers are looking for.

Now, how exactly can you create a USP in such a plethora of successful brands and businesses?

Fret Not! You need to figure out 5 Basic Aspects of USP to begin working as a successful business owner or solopreneur. Let’s help you uncover the details along with a few renowned brand examples down below:

What Is The Purpose Of A Unique Selling Proposition?

It’s  a secret recipe ingredient of marketing strategy that focuses on 5 basic aspects such as:

The Purpose Of Unique Selling Preposition

  1. Benefits to help your brand attract its potential audience through more vivid and clearer features among similar categories of products.
  2. Emotive Component to research the pain points of your customers. So, you can provide them with what they desire, which your competitors are lacking.
  3. Get your Key Selling Points to highlight your brand and products’ worthiness in the market.
  4. Key differences reveal what makes you a better and more memorable company compared to your competitors. Note that your focus should not be on the competitors only but on knowing the taste of your audience that matters.
  5. Competitive Advantage is to showcase your track record and experience of your skills and management. You don’t talk about your high-quality products in the USP but need to attain a specific position in the market and make a tough case against competing brands.

How To Create USP That Helps You Stand Out?

Innovation is the answer to creating an effective Unique Selling Proposition. Your Tagline must invoke today’s generation’s true spirit.

For instance, use phrases that speak of advanced technology, enhanced features, revived outlook and other exclusive benefits to win the spotlight amid a storm of hype. Also, the USP statement must be precise and meaningful, inspiring a targeted audience.

The key point is to pay heed to the difference between a Value Proposition and a Unique Selling Point: The former is more related to what you provide the customers for what they are paying. The latter is your signature statement on why customers should consider buying your product over others.

So, USP helps create a bond that not only creates a unique identity for your brand but provides a strong connection with your potential customers.

How To Create USP That Helps You Stand Out

Few Renowned Examples Of Unique Selling Point:


The best example of USP that we can refer to is the sports and footwear leader, Nike, which says, “Bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. If you have a body, you are an athlete.”

So, they know how to inspire and bring innovation to young athletes.

Not only that, it brings confidence to anyone by giving them the surety to be called an athlete because they own their product!

It implies they offer budget-friendly athletic quality products for all types of customers. So, Nike’s USP clearly holds importance for athletes and other sports communities.


Why do you think Shopify stands out in the world of e-commerce? Because it has clearly stated in its USP, “The platform commerce is built on.” It has proven to launch many online businesses that are hitting the verge of success and showcase a highly developed all-in-one platform.


So, it allows users to create an online store without any hustle for learning about how to do coding or designing.

Death Wish Coffee

The most simple example is in the world of coffee brands. Every coffee shop promises to provide the smoothest and richest flavored coffee.

But, Death Wish Coffee focused on winning the hearts of many strong coffee lovers and made their unique selling point: “We rebel against blah beans _ and a boring, lackluster life.”

It clearly plays upon the words to attract the audience amusingly!

Final Thought!

Never exaggerate to make your USP attractive. It should be a true inspiration-based statement that holds your product completely. Also, don’t focus on the Tagline; instead, make your USP a signature statement that is all-inclusive about the brand’s identity and is shared on every platform.

Now it’s your turn to pick your inspiration from the above examples and create a USP. Or you can contact us at ozconsultingus for more comprehensible guidance!

You need a few wisely chosen words of USP to bring fortune to your brand!

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